"Those who approach life like a child playing a game, moving and pushing pieces, possess the power of kings."

"Children give us back our worlds."

Inspired by childhood, and it's precious, perennial toys, my work connects the wonderful music of baby rattles and the cherished dolls and red trucks. I strive to incorporate and connect their importance in visual constructions. I don't view "abandoned, out-grown" toys as frustrating clutter to be disposed of, quite the contrary. I don't view the layer upon layer of paint, covering walls and moldings of well-lived-in rooms necessarily something to be scraped away. My interpretation of experiences becomes my "layer," honoring these elements and actions, and presenting this combination as a blank canvas for the viewer to interpret for themselves. No buildings torn down only to create new ones. No "Put up a parking lot". Instead I find them inspiration for the new.

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My portraits tell stories as well. They emphasize my own vigor for personal histories, and a new visual for individuals and people to remember and anticipate, and immortalize.


Significant Achievements
Solo, 2001: Brookfield Library, Brookfield CT
Selected Group Shows
• Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Juried Exhibition: Dallas PA Mae Berlind Bach Award
• Stone Studio: Stamford CT
• Portrait Society of America Annual Exhibition
• Pop Up Gallery Invitational: Craft Show (Juror/Curator Michael Seri), Bethel CT
• Pop Up Gallery Invitational: Art & Design Show (Juror/Curator Michael Seri), Bethel CT
• Bethel Art Walk Invitational, Bethel CT
• Paint and Clay Juried Exhibition: (Juror: Douglas Hyland,
Director of the New Britain Museum of American Art) John Slade Ely House, New Haven CT
Weiss Sisters Award
• Bushwick Open Studio Invitational: (Curated by Studio 215), Brooklyn, NY
• Trailer Box Invitational: Jim Felice (Founder/Creative Director/Curator), Danbury CT
• Castle Fitzjohns Gallery: New York City
• Pop Up Gallery Invitational: Art & Design Show (Juror/Curator Michael Seri), Bethel CT

Work Experience
Previously: Gerber Studio, New York City, Brookfield CT
Partial Client List
• Dove soap
• Money Magazine
• Universal Pictures
• Simon & Schuster, Avon, Ballantine, Penguin, Dell books
• Danielle Steele (28 books), Ed McBain, Colleen McCollough, Tom Robbins

Freelance Artist, 1980 - Present
Currently: Stephanie Gerber Portraits, Bethel, CT, New York City: stephaniegerberportraits.com
Stephi Kix Art, Unique Jewelry and constructions, New York City, Bethel CT: stephikixart.com
Stephanie Gerber-Kix Children's Book Illustrations: childrensillustrators.com/stephikix

• Bachelors of Fine Arts, Advertising/ Illustration, Utah State University, Logan UT
• Understudy Elizabeth Noble, celebrated portrait artist
• Understudy Michael Morris, Masters Fine Art Yale University, Founder Massurrealism
• Understudy Dominique Gillain-Regney, renowned artist and cartoonist,
Academie Julian and Ecole du Louvre in Paris, daughter of
recognized European cartoonist Jijé (aka Joseph Gillain)
• Understudy Michael Seri, award winning sculptor, furniture designer,
jewelry designer, curator


For me what makes Stephi Kix preciously special is the seemingly limitless diversity of her creative spirit. Every piece presents a universe apart from its predecessor; and inspiring world of newness. That newness is combined with a remarkable eye imbuing the smallest  object with a spatial sense of belonging that makes her art so appealing. Each new piece, no matter how small, excites a feeling of happiness within me, of witnessing the results of an artist trull having fun. And I would strongly advise all to see her art in person as photos do not do the spacial properties justice.
--George Humphrey, Artist, Woodworker, Musician, Aged Hippie in Residence, Lost Nomad En Trance

Stephanie Kix is a standout when designing high-end artistic jewelry with powerful arrangements of elements unseen before in necklaces, bracelets and ear rings. She also creates surprising sculptures that pull you in and keeps your interest there in such a pleasant way.
--Michael Morris, Co-Originator of the Massurrealist Art Movement, which is rooted in the interplay between mass media, Pop Art, contemporary culture and Surrealist imagery. Bachelors and Masters of Fine Art, Yale University, Award winning Sculptor, Painter

To be in the presence of Stephanie is an experience like none other. She vibrates with an artistic energy the is palpable. She sees and feels art at all times. She is a natural at making unusual, one of a kind pieces of jewelry and wall sculptures. She has proven her excellent drawing skills in numerous illustrations, oils and pastel portraits. Very conscientious and responsible, she is one to be trusted to pursue the goal she engages in. To say the least, one can barely resist the charm of her delightful personality.
--Dominique Gillain-Regney, native of Belgium, grew up in France, the daughter of renowned cartoonist Jijé, studied at the Académie Julian and Ecole du Louvre in Paris, She is an award winning artist excelling in vast subjects and mediums, has created murals, children's books, card games, jewelry, and has had her own comic strip. 

EMAIL: stephi@stephikixart.com